No Other World

Available February 28, 2017


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“NO OTHER WORLD is deeply satisfying, a novel so moving that I worried about its main characters for weeks after I finished reading it. Rahul Mehta is a writer with astonishing emotional subtlety and generosity; I loved this beautiful book.” (Lauren Groff, author of FATES AND FURIES)

“What a compelling, magical, big-hearted, lyrical book. Rahul Mehta is an expansive and mesmerizing talent – he sees things generously, from all angles, and makes the reader care, and feel, deeply.” (George Saunders, author of LINCOLN IN THE BARDO)

“Mehta uses vivid, memorable imagery to present likable, complex characters…and shimmering descriptions of emotionally resonant moments.” (Booklist (starred review))

“Like Tom Perrotta, Mehta digs into suburban angst and household secrets with insight and humor… A family saga for the 21st century, No Other World journeys into daunting horizons to discover the familiar.” (Shelf Awareness (starred review))

“NO OTHER WORLD is a tough and touching master class on being. Kiran’s life is a remarkable catalogue of the many brands of love, some painful, some nourishing, all of them necessary.” (Brian Leung, author of TAKE ME HOME)

“NO OTHER WORLD is a profound and engrossing family saga about the immigrant experience. Mehta is a confident, empathic storyteller, his rendering of brutal scenes of pain, lust and love on two continents is fearless but forgiving, and this is just his début novel. I impatiently await his next.” (Bharati Mukherjee, author of JASMINE)

“NO OTHER WORLD is a luminous novel about desire and dislocation, about the lives we lead within the privacy of our homes and the secrets we guard even there. Rare is the book that explores so compassionately how the love within families can fail; rarer still is one that shows so movingly how, and against what odds, it can survive.” (Garth Greenwell, author of WHAT BELONGS TO YOU)

Author photo this page by Matthew Hamilton